Skipping to the Loo?

Laura Mohsene
5 min readApr 27, 2019

Look Before You Leak

by behshana

Most people prefer to take care of their personal business in their own bathrooms at home. Few like to use public restrooms, but nearly all of us often find it a necessity. Most public places provide public bathrooms: public parks, stadiums, schools, colleges and universities, workplaces, doctor’s offices, hotels, stores, and restaurants. Wherever we go, we sometimes need to go.

Public bathrooms range from skanky…

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

…to elegantly posh and deluxe.

Probably we all have bathroom stories we could share.

Here are a few of mine:

In the 1970s, I was once on a trip from England to Germany. On one leg of the trip, we rode across the English Channel from Folkestone, England to Calais, France on a Hovercraft. The hovercraft was a French craft. I learned something new about Europe and the French and bathrooms on this trip.

After two cups of tea, I retired to the nearest restroom and walked inside. I saw two women primping before the mirror. Just then, a man exited one of the stalls, looked in the mirror, and combed his hair back with his hands and left. No one other than me seemed at all surprised about this happening. I quickly realized the bathrooms on this hovercraft were unisex. I was more amused than anything else by the experience.

Later the same evening, we spent the night in Paris at a hotel across the street from the train station. Due to car problems on our way to Folkestone, we arrived late and had missed our train to Germany which was the last one to run that evening. Upon arrival at the hotel, we retired to our room and I encountered my first bidet.

I understood nothing and was perplexed at what I was supposed to do with this unusual contraption. What I needed to do…

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